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Expert brand of lingerie for all morphologies, LOLO PARIS offers pieces of fine lingerie and swimsuits to sublimate all women.

Feminine, joyful, free and uninhibited, the brand created 10 years ago constantly reinvents the codes of lingerie and swimwear. Sophisticated cuts, exceptional materials and bold prints: with Albertine, the swimsuit becomes a fashion item in its own right.

creates disability-inclusive intimates to empower all women, including disabled women, to get dressed easier

the lingerie brand stylish but not snobbish, organic but affordable

puts swimming in the spotlight and is inspired by the architecture of swimming pools to offer a line of technical and high-performance swimsuits

we exist to inspire you to feel limitless in our inclusive and empowering undies

the brand specialized in chic, sexy and comfy bodysuits 100% made in Troyes, in France. Its signature: sexy cuts in unltra-comfortable fabrics

has developped a patented process for recycling all types of polyester-based waste, wether single or mixed with other fibers

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